The Beards : admiring the impressive facial hair at Xmas London show, 18 Dec

Last month, I went to Kings Cross Scala to see The Beards, a quartet of hairy, comedy rockers from Australia whose repertoire of fun, derivative rock songs feature lyrics exclusively about, well, beards. Having interviewed the guys in Jan 2014 for Bizarre (and having being ridiculed by them, somewhat drunkedly, for being bereft of any stubble whatsoever) I was curious to see what kind of crowd they’d attract – whether it would be heavy rock fans, student hipsters, comedy fans, or literally just a load of bearded men, all wishing to proudly celebrate their facial foliage with fellow fuzz-faces. Turned out to be predominately very much the latter. And what fun it was, even from a baldy-faced ‘cat man’ perspective like myself. Suffice to say, I took a few snaps of some proudly hairy dudes, none more so than this sartorially elegant chap who, unsurprisingly, is also a keen reader of British style bible The Chap Magazine.

Thanks to @DaveBWMusic for the guestlist to the show!


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The anthropomorphic alter-ego of former Bizarre Magazine features editor Stephen Kitten. A decadent 18th Century feline, enjoying the stranger, darker things in life...

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